I'm Kasey,

the founder of inAWE.

I’m the momma to two grown daughters and an accountant with a passion for Jesus, gift-giving, and crafting. 

in AWE first began as a passion project. While I was working in college ministry; I enjoyed making gifts with paper and Bible verses to encourage the students in our ministry. My co-worker (and one of my best friends) suggested that I should pursue my passion further by selling my creations online.


23,500 sales and 12 years later...

inAWE has become a family business - far exceeding anything I could’ve imagined!

I am so blessed to wake up every day and “work” doing what I love with the people that I love.

in 2021

My husband, Jeff, joined me full-time

Jeff is a manufacturing engineer and the perfect business partner for me. He takes my creative product ideas and finds ways to make them effectively and productively so that our customers get the highest quality product in a short period of time.

Jeff using the drill press in his machine shop to make tooling for inawehandmade

The Awe-some team

inAWE could not be where it is today without its AWE-some team!

Kasey Yerby


I used to be the CEO (Chief Everything Officer). But in January 2021 my husband, Jeff, became my full-time business partner. While I’m still involved in every aspect of inAWE, I now focus on new products, marketing and customer service.

Jeff Yerby

Engineer Extraordinaire

After more than 30 years as my marriage partner, Jeff joined inAWE full time in January 2021. As a manufacturing engineer, he is the best business partner for me. I can count on him to take my creative ideas and find ways to make them efficiently while ensuring they are of the highest-quality.

Joyce Yerby

PomPom Trim Specialist

Jeff’s mom, Joyce, has been helping us since early 2021 - in exchange for home-cooked meals. In January 2022 she became a “real” employee. She will help us with almost anything as long as it does not involve a tape gun.

Katey Yerby

Head Rover

Our youngest daughter, Katey, has been a part-time employee for over 5 years. When she’s not busy being a college student and math tutor, she helps us with whatever we need her to do. She is an expert tape gun operator.

Jessica Epp

Marketing Guru

Our oldest daughter, Jessica, officially joined our team in January 2022. She has tons of experience in retail sales and a Marketing degree to boot.

Caleb Epp

Our IT Guy

Our son-in-law, Caleb, has been promoted countless times in his short tenure with our family. First, he was a tape gun operator which led to a stint as our bookkeeper. We currently refer to him as “Our IT Guy.” 

We’re so glad that you found inAWE

We hope you love giving our handmade products as much as we love making them!
May you find just the right gift for your loved ones; we can’t wait to handcraft your order!