9 Easter Basket Ideas Every Kid Will Absolutely Adore

Welcome to our Easter extravaganza! With the spring breeze gently blowing and the joyous Easter celebrations around the corner, it's time to craft the perfect Easter basket for your little ones.

Whether you're searching for Easter basket ideas for toddler girls, Easter basket ideas for toddler boys, or simply delightful Easter basket ideas for toddlers that don't include candy, we've got you covered!

easter basket stuffer ideas for kids no candy

In this guide, we're thrilled to present nine enchanting Easter basket ideas that will ignite your child's imagination and bring endless smiles. From personalized treasures to engaging outdoor activities, these gifts are sure to make this Easter a memorable one.

1 - Personalized God's Promise Book with Bible Verses

God's Promise Book in pink rainbow personalized with Bible verses

Celebrate the Easter season with this beautifully crafted faith-based book. It's not only a unique keepsake but also a gentle introduction to the core beliefs of Christianity. What could be better to include in your little one's Easter basket this year? With over 12 styles and 2 sizes from which to choose, you are sure to find the perfect one for your recipient's personality. Shop all our God's Promise Books today!

2 - Pop Tubes

pop tubes 4 pack in bright colors

Dive into sensory exploration with pop tubes, a delightful toy that provides auditory and tactile stimulation while promoting fine motor skills. In my experience as a Mimi, these also bring tons of laughter and giggles. My grandkids just cackle when I play with these and act silly 😜 Check them out on Amazon.

3 - Wooden Slingshot with Felt Balls

wooden slingshot with felt balls, personalized bag and targets

Embark on exciting outdoor quests with a wooden slingshot and felt balls, encouraging active play and friendly competition. My grandson is still a little too young for this one, but it's on my list to purchase next Easter. I'm betting he and Grandpa will have a "ball" (pun intended) with this. Purchase it on Etsy.

4 - Personalized Sunglasses

 personalized sunglasses for kids

Shield those precious eyes in style with personalized sunglasses, adding a dash of coolness to any outdoor adventure. My little Ellie will be getting a pair of these for sure and for certain. Here's where you can purchase them on Etsy.

5 - Personalized Prayer Box

personalized prayer box in Easter basket

Encourage spiritual reflection and gratitude with a personalized prayer box, a cherished keepsake where your little one can store their thoughts, hopes, and prayers. With over a dozen styles from which to choose, you are sure to find the perfect one for your child this Easter. Shop inAWE's prayer box collection today.

6 - Personalized Crayons

small block crayons personalized with child's name 

Elevate coloring adventures with personalized crayons, showcasing your child's name and sparking their artistic inspiration. Purchase this gem on Etsy.

7 - Writing Tablet / Doodle Pad

 doodle pad or low-tech writing pad.

Foster creativity and doodling fun with a writing tablet, offering endless possibilities for artistic expression and storytelling. My 2-year-old grandson loves this doodle pad. He's always asking his grandpa (Jeff) to draw a "rari" (aka Ferrari race car). It's also a great distraction during a long car ride. Find this Easter Basket stuffer on Amazon.

8 - Sidewalk Chalk

sidewalk chalk shaped like eggs in egg crate. 

Unleash creativity and artistic flair with vibrant sidewalk chalk, perfect for outdoor play and imaginative sidewalk masterpieces. Just in time for warmer weather, this egg-shaped sidewalk chalk is sure to make them smile. Get it on Amazon.

9 - Personalized Affirmation Gift Set

personalized affirmation book with wooden pocket reminders and storage bag.

Boost confidence and self-esteem with a personalized affirmation gift set, featuring 14 positive affirmations designed to empower young minds and boost their self-esteem. They will love seeing their name prominently displayed on the front of the kids affirmation book. It is also featured on one side of the pocket reminders. With four styles to choose from, you are sure to find just the right one for your little one.  Purchase one today!

Now Start Filling That Easter Basket for Your Kid and Have Some Fun!

This Easter, skip the sugary treats and opt for gifts that inspire imagination, encourage exploration, and celebrate the joy of the season. Let's make this Easter one to remember with these delightful Easter basket ideas tailored for every child's delight!

Happy gifting, my friend, from Kasey@inAWE Handmade!

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