Empty Nest Survival Plan

I’ve found myself recently thinking about empty nest syndrome.  My baby girl will be flying the coop next year.  If she’s like her sister, it will be less than a month after high school graduation. So, I have about 9 months to get ready…kinda’ like expecting a baby – but in reverse!

God's Perfect Timing

I feel truly fortunate to have found my purpose/passion during the last six years.  My dear friend, Sabrina, encouraged me to set up an Etsy shop for my paper crafts.  I did as she suggested having no idea how important it would be in the years to come.  Since I posted that first listing on Etsy in April 2012, my girls have continued to grow up and need less and less of my help, advice, time, etc. And along the way, my side hustle continues to grow and need more and more of my time, creativity, energy, etc. Almost as if God’s timing is perfect🙂

I am so very grateful for for this new “child”, inAWEcards.  I don’t think the transition from full-time mom to almost empty nester would be so easy to take without it.  I’m sure there will be some potholes along the way.  For now, there’s still a teenager in my house and with that brings friends and giggles and sleepovers.  (Is there anything better than hearing your children giggling on the other side of their bedroom door? I LOVE THAT.)  I may not be truly prepared for the silence and the emptiness.  Only time will tell.  But don’t worry…I’m such a big mouth that you will be sure to hear all about it in future posts.

In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy the giggling and the rare occasion when we all three sit at the table and share a meal.  I think it’s been easier on all of us to just stand around the kitchen island rather than sit at the table with my oldest daughter’s empty chair just sitting there. Never mind that she’s just across town; that doesn’t seem to take away the sting of her absence at our dining table.  Here’s what I know:  Things are a-changing, so it’s best to have a plan.

I have several things in mind to help me survive the impending empty nest and think it fitting to write them here – if for no other reason, than a “note to self.”  If any of them help or challenge or inspire someone else, then all the better.

My Empty Nest Survival Plan

1) A trip somewhere just me and my DH.  I heard on the radio many years that the happiest people always have something to look forward to, and it makes sense to me. 

2) Blog at least once a week to keep my mind occupied and thinking creatively – clear out those cobwebs!!!  Plus if I wait too long between posts (who, me?), I forget how to use the WordPress dashboard.  It is manageable but definitely not the most intuitive software I’ve ever used. 

3) It’s past time for me to improve my physical health.  I’ve put it on the back burner for far too long.  Since I’m an almost empty-nester and not getting any younger, it’s time to make some serious strides.  I’ve started the process by scheduling weight loss surgery for later this fall.  Yep…you read that right.  It’s one big step toward a smaller, healthier me.  (More about this in future posts.)

4) Continue to nurture, grow and take care of inAWEcards.  I’m focusing on improving existing products, offering more options and creating new products.  I’m also learning some things about social media and implementing them with a focus on Pinterest.  (‘Cause it is my favorite!!!!) 

5) And last, but certainly not least, trust the God who blessed me with two precious children when I thought all hope was lost.  He has carried me through so much, and I am resolved to trust that He will never fail me.  Because my God has promised, and He is faithful. (Hebrews 10:23)

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