9 Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Delight Your Christian Friends

Ready to spread some joy and faith to your Christian friends? AWE-some! As someone who absolutely adores giving and receiving gifts, I'm thrilled to share this gift guide with you. I've really tried to include a variety of items and price ranges to help you find just what you are looking for. 

These 9 thoughtful and handcrafted treasures are sure to light up the hearts of your beloved pals. Whether it's for a special occasion or just to show appreciation for their friendship, these Christian-inspired gifts are perfect for the occasion. 

gift guide for Christian friends reference sheet with grid photos

PSA: I've included current prices at the time of compiling this gift guide. (I'm a girl who likes to set and stick to a budget.) But as you know, prices can and do change, so please keep that in mind.

You can click on the images or links in the headings to see the actual product listing of the gift you are interested in purchasing. Happy Gift Hunting...Let's get on with it! I hope this guide helps you find the perfect gift for your Christian friends. Let's spread some joy, faith and love together! 

#1 - Personalized Truth Tin from inAWE Handmade 

personalized truth tin with name on tin and christian affirmation book in gray linen bookcloth

It's no fluke that the first item on our list is a handcrafted and personalized gift from inAWE Handmade. Our Truth Tin is a perfect high-quality gift to let your Christian friend know how much she means to you. This linen-covered book is full of Christian affirmations and includes the "address" of the Bible verse that inspired the truth. You can read more about this affirmation book here. [Price starts at $31.80]

#2 - Not Luck Just God sweatshirt from Holy Details Boutique

white sweatshirt that says NOT LUCK JUST GOD - christian friendship gift

I love the colors on this basic + modern sweatshirt as well as the sentiment - Not Luck Just God! [Price = $50.99]

#3 - Then Sings My Soul bookmark from Wallflower Living 

Then sings my soul stamped bookmark in Bible

I adore this old hymn: How Great Thou Art - and isn't this bookmark just the cutest? I want one for my BOB (Big Old Bible)! [Price = $15.00]

#4 - Who I Am In Christ Mug from Creative in the Clouds 

Christian affirmation mug

I'd love to drink my morning coffee or afternoon tea out of this Christian affirmation mug, and I'm pretty sure your Christian friends would agree. Plus, it is microwave and dishwasher safe. [Price = $22.21]

#5 - Personalized Prayer Box from inAWE Handmade

personalized prayer box with name on front cover - christian gifts for friends

inAWE's handcrafted and personalized prayer boxes make a special gift for a variety of occasions - or simply just because. Give your friend a tangible (and beautiful) place to store her prayers. We offer more than a dozen styles so you can find just the right one for your Christian gal-friends. [Price = $22.80] Check out our full collection of prayer boxes.

#6 - Christian Journal from Sway Girls 

christian journals from Sway Girls

I'm a big fan of anything designed by SwayGirls. This journal is not exception. They've got lots of styles to choose from, too. [Price = $17.50]

#7 - Psalm 16:8 Keychain from The Really Swell Shop 

I will not be shaken - Psalm 16:8 Christian keychain gift for Christian friends

This sweet and encouraging Christian keychain arrives in a drawstring poucd - ready to gift! [Price = $13.00]

 #8 - Mustard Seed Necklace from Little Happies Co 

Mustard seed necklace made by Little Happies Co

I love this basic, yet powerful, image of the tiny mustard seed that is more than enough to move mountains. [Price = $50.99]

#9 - Prayer Books handcrafted by inAWE Handmade

Handcrafted prayer book in linen bookcloth for moms, grandmothers and teachers - christian gift for friends

Last, but not least, our prayer books make the BEST gift for your Christian friends. You can choose from 10 bookcloth colors (forest green pictured here) and customize the wooden nameplate on the front cover, too. Inside are 31 prayers - one for each day of the month. This little book is perfect for your prayer warrior friend or the friend trying to get into the habit of daily prayer. It can be personalized or customized for moms, grandmothers and teachers. [Price starts at $22.80]

As we wrap up our gift guide adventure, I hope you've found some inspiration to brighten the days of your Christian friends. Whether it's a small token of appreciation or a meaningful gesture, the essence of giving lies in the joy it brings to both the giver and the receiver.

So, go ahead, spread some love, faith, and cheer with these thoughtful gifts. And remember, the best gifts are the ones given from the heart. Happy gifting, my friend from Kasey@inAWE Handmade!


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