Inspirational Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so I thought I’d take the time to put together a gift guide of inspirational, faith-based gifts for everyone on your list this Valentine’s Day.

As one whose love language is gifts, I’m always stoked when there is a holiday that allows me to give (and receive) gifts. Here we go with some Valentine’s Day gift ideas from inAWE Handmade.

Valentine Gifts for Babies and Toddlers

Our best-selling personalized children’s board books are perfect for the little ones on your list. If you’re looking for Valentine’s gifts for children aged zero – 6, this is a unique Christian gift that they will cherish for a lifetime.

three different styles of inawehandmade's God's Promise Books for kids. 

It contains seven of God’s promises along with a corresponding Bible verse.  We offer these books in nine different styles. Each one features adorable graphics perfect for babies, toddlers and young children.  

These promise books are made from heavy chipboard for durability and high-quality digital prints and bound together with wire binding. We make each book ONE AT A TIME by hand in our studio. The personalized nameplate on the front cover is crafted from acrylic and personalized with up to 12 characters. It truly makes this book extra-special.

 Valentine Gifts for Kids and Tweens

We recommend our prayer boxes for the kids and tweens on your list. But the truth is, they are suitable for almost every age and occasion.

three styles of inawehandmade's prayer box 

We’ve been making these personalized prayer boxes since April 2012. The styles have changed from year to year, but the quality and care taken to create each one remains the same.

We’ve been honored to make one for use in a baby’s nursery and sent one to a loved one in a nursing home during the height of the pandemic. They truly are a gift for all ages, and with over 20 styles to choose from, you will find one you love for everyone on your Valentine’s Day gift list.

Our prayer boxes are large compared to others on the market and they include blank paper and a small pencil with an eraser inside the tin.  

Valentine Gifts for Teens and Adults

We suggest our Books of Truth for the teens and adults on your list this Valentine’s Day.

Constructed using chipboard and wire binding, they are chock-full of Bible verses and truth that are true all day, every day – including Valentine’s Day. Inside each book you will find over 60 Bible verses around the topics of God, you, faith, hope, love and God’s promises along with some well-known prayers.

Another Valentine’s Day gift idea for the teens and adults on your list is our 30 Great Truths About Me Christian affirmation books (I posted about them here.)

Also, our prayer books which include 31 prayers – one for each day of the month are an excellent gift idea for teens and adults.

prayer book, truth tin, christian affirmation book.  

I made my first prayer book long before inAWE Handmade was even a dream in my head. They’ve been modified and tweaked many times since that first one in 2008. Recently they’ve been given another upgrade. For over 10 years the design included a single book ring and the cover was made from paper. Now they are bound together with spiral binding and the cover is linen book cloth. We are so pleased with the new design and are adding styles and colors as quickly as we can.

Valentines Gift for Christian Couples

And, last but not least, we are excited about this new product for Christian couples.


This premium gift set includes a prayer book (mentioned above) with spiral binding and a linen book cloth cover. The book is packaged in a tin personalized with their last name. Some of the prayers inside the book include:

  • Help us to become prayer warriors, trusting You fully with all our cares and concerns.
  • When we face trials, give us strength to persevere and increase our faith in You.
  • Give us eyes that see the best in people and hearts that forgive the worst.

It is a timeless gift that will be cherished for a lifetime – perfect for engaged couples, newlyweds or couples that have been married for years. What better way to honor a couple in love on Valentine’s Day with a book of prayers!

In fact, the first prayer book I made was full of prayers for Jeff. I posted about our marriage here if you want to read about it. 

I’m hoping this Valentine’s Day gift guide with a collection of spiritual, faith-based and inspirational Christian gifts has been helpful and given you some ideas for gifting our products to those you love.

I am, as always, inAWE. - Kasey with dove icon

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